In part 1 of this series, we looked at WHY colour can have an impact on your sleep, as well as ways to make your bedroom more user friendly.

However, you can start the process of relaxation earlier in the day, using colour in more portable forms; I’ll be taking a look at WEARABLE colour – in the form of crystals (or accessories).

Coloured stones and crystals also emit energy at a specific wavelength, depending on the amount of light they absorb.

While the basic rule of calming colours for sleep as suggested in part 1 still apply, there are crystals that can help encourage sleep that don’t necessarily fit in the categories mentioned.

The crystals can be worn as a pendant, ring, earrings (good for inner balance as on both sides); but if you don’t wear jewellery, use scarves, brooches, bags, shoes or hats with your chosen colour(s).  You can even put a crystal on desk or in your workspace – you not only beautify your space, you help create the calm that will help you sleep better!

The following crystals are suggestions that can be helpful with encouraging peaceful sleep; however, results may not be instantaneous – crystals work with the body and slowly! The wearer and the crystal need to get used to one another, which can take several days or longer, depending on the crystal in question.

Remember, these are just suggestions – the right crystal for you is the one that draws your attention (they will “shout” at you) and hold it – if it makes you feel calm and relaxed, it is right for you – whatever the colour!

Chyrsoprase Crystal




·Helps lift oppressive/recurring images, which is helpful for nightmares

·Relaxation and peaceful sleep


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·Grounding (bring us back into our bodies, rather than living in our heads)

Round Howlite crystal


·Insomnia, especially when due to an overactive mind or “turn off the broken record, already!”

·Stills the mind for meditation

·Keep in your pocket (or bra!) to dispel negativity

Vanidinite crystal on clear stand


·Shuts off mind chatter

·Aid to meditation