Sheila Balgobin

For over 25 years I have helped my clients around the world to decipher the code of their sleep and dreams – to identify the root cause(s)of their distress – and either eliminate them or mitigate their impact on body, mind and emotions.
I am Sheila Balgobin, The Dream Decipherer and I help you to crack the code of your sleep and dreams, so you can sleep sound and dream deep!
I am a fifth generation Dreamer, with the gift of dream interpretation and a natural intuitive; those gifts are backed up with training as a practitioner and teacher of various holistic therapies and qualification as a psychotherapist.
I believe in the power of nature to heal body, mind and I use that power – in the form of plant-based remedies and simple techniques – to help clients to address and reduce their stress levels, improve sleep and use their dreams to help create the best life possible for themselves by encouraging clarity of thought and beneficial decisions.