In the second part of this series, a look is taken at yet another way your hands can help you get to sleep – reflexology.  Not many people are aware of hand reflexology, but it is just as effective as the treatment done on the feet (or ears or even the eye, which all “reflect” the various parts and organs of the body).   But first, I’d like to explain exactly what reflexology is and why it works.

 What Exactly IS Reflexology?

The hands, feet, ears and eyes have areas that correspond to the different organs, limbs and systems of the body, i.e. they “reflect” the whole of the body.

While many people are aware that reflexology is done on the feet – and they either love or hate the idea! – but hand reflexology is also effective and even more convenient than getting your feet done (especially if you are ticklish or hate the idea of your feet being touched). I found over many years of working in local communities giving treatments that people who have NEVER had any kind of complementary therapy treatments before found hand reflexology a safe way to be introduced to therapy.

Think of it – in 15 minutes (7 ½ minutes per hand) I can, in effect, massage the entire body, both inside and out!

For problems like chronic pain, poor sleep, stress and other ailments that may keep you awake this is actually something you can do for yourself (although it’s much nicer when someone else does the treatment!).

While stress relief if fully achieved by a complete foot treatment, the hands are also a good way (especially on the go!) to reduce daily stresses that may be keeping you up at night.

The short video below will demonstrate the reflex points on your hands that can help improve sleep.