St John’s Hospice – Hands and Heart


This campaign is very close to my heart — it is both a memorial to my husband Rupert, who passed away recently from cancer while in the care of the Hospice, and support for the magnificent staff who work there.

From from volunteers to doctors and nurses, the staff treat patients and their families with great care and respect.
I can think of no better way to honour both my hubsand and the Hospice, by giving a generous donation to continue their outstanding work – and I hope you will agree and give generously.
A small donation can make a huge difference in the life of a person with cancer and their families — so please give generously!

Choose A Giving Level 

  • £20 = Bereavement Visit: One (1) monthly visit from a Bereavement Coordinator to a family
  • £50 = One to One Nursing: Three hours of One-to-One Nursing in the Inpatient Unit
  • £100 = Healthcare Assistant: Healthcare Assistant for a day in the Inpatient Unit.