Let’s Hear From Some of Sheila Balgobin’s Very Happy Clients


“I met Sheila Balgobin on social media and was intrigued about her calling, which is to interpret dreams. She told me on meeting that if ever I had a recurring dream, she would help me interpret it. “But I only give guidance” says Sheila “it is your dream!”.
I was bowled over by the accuracy of Sheila’s interpretation. She made me look at angles which I wouldnt necessarily have associated with.my dream. Definitely food for thought and copious advice on how to deal with the dream.
Merci Sheila Balgobin. I can definitely recommend you as a proficient dream Interpreter.” ‎SS, 21 June 2019

‎ I have got to say how blown away I was today with Sheila Balgobin as she deciferred [sic] two nightmares and dreams I have been completely worried about and scared me to death and nearly made the wrong decision in something very important that would change our lives. It’s amazing how our mind can jump to the wrong impression but I am immensely thankful for her clarification, help and understanding. She is amazing and I certainly recommend her. Thank you Sheila
AMG, 20 September

“I’m going through a bit of a life change now setting up a business and taking a new direction and I’ve been having quite vivid dreams and I want to understand what they mean and if they’re telling me something because of business. As you know you have to use intuition and gut work. I think dreams issue you the messages, I just don’t know what the message is!
I started with fear panic help as the main message people scare mongering opinions deter me from what I want to do with my life… I should listen to advice take all the precautions but you shouldn’t react and abandon ideas and abandon my heart and what I want to do.” Anika, a new entrepreneur

“I’m a client of Sheila’s and I have known Sheila for many years and worked with her in a professional capacity and as a client. I’ve had different treatments from her over the years and more recently we did some work around my dreams. I was having this recurrent nightmare and I’ve been having that since a child and it’s the same dream but different, just different themes but it was the same dream, effectively, over and over and over again. So I was having this dream again and we documented the dreams I was having we dissected them, we did work around them and work around what was going on in my life and it had great results. And do you know what I’ve not had that dream since and that has been the first time, I mean that’s been nearly a year I’ve not had that dream again so thank you so much Sheila. I can highly recommend her, she is so professional but so approachable and empathic and very, very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her. Thank you, Sheila” Irene, Shiatsu Practitioner

Flower Essences

“There has been a great change; [I’m not] bad tempered….learning to look after myself more instead of others.” BH, Cook

“I feel I’m more assertive and less aggressive…I feel more confident in myself.” KT, Special Needs Care Worker

“My family (husband & boys) have noticed that I do not loose (sic) my temper like before. My husband also noticed I that am sleeping better and thinking about myself more. He also noticed I am becoming more assertive.” HM, Day Centre Assistant Manager

“Rooted grounded dynamic powerhouse! That’s me now!! Sheila heard I was in need of some support a couple of weeks ago and suggested New Forest Group Essence which I welcomes and even felt a bit tearful when I made my first physical connection with the bottle the name and the energy of this magical essence. It’s given me a reconnection to me, and inner strength, rooted in the ground of my own being and connected to all love. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Divine Essence Enchantress SHEILA BALGOBIN Dr Marion Bevington, 9/27/19

New Forest Group Essence

“It works upon the emotion of fear and can be taken with Bach essences mimulus , cherry plum and rock rose ,only one Bach essence with the group essence using the characteristics of explanation of Bach, using three drops of each essence in a 30ml bottle. The group essence can be used on its own for fear but is most effective with the Bach essences. It will support people with spiritual sickness (i.e. people who have “lost heart”!). David Bland, Flower Essence Producer/Practitioner

“…I see the essence take up residence in my heart. It is first and foremost a heart essence (I then remember reading about the heart shape around the bowl when it was made!). My heart glows warmer and stronger; its power is the most important thing.” Helen Ward, Flower Essence Producer/Practitioner

Reef Life Environmental Essence

“When the essence first arrived in the post, I could feel its energy strength through the envelope, as I order lots of things online I assumed straight away it must be your essence and not something else. I sat with the essence for a bit in quite meditation and found I felt very relaxed and calm , the best way for me to describe it was to liken it to a recent experience so for me here in the west country it was like lying in the sun , on a quiet beach ,feeling the warmth and baking my body in the rays of sunshine, clearing my mind and listening to the wind and waves. Total relaxation.

I continued to take it for about a week and what I noticed is that I had a huge amount of ‘can do’ energy . I started getting things done that had been on my to do list for some time, I crossed off and left things behind that I didn’t need anymore , I made clear and quick decisions. Now for most including me this isn’t necessarily unusual but I had come to a period over the summer that I had an amazing holiday time with my husband and children and school and work was about to start and I felt in a little bit of a slump, energetically just wanted to rewind time and not go back to the normal rhythm of life.

Your essence arrived just at the right time (as I know these things do) and in taking it I was able to follow through and change this mindset. What an amazing essence, oh one thing I forgot to share is I wasn’t consciously aware of this at the time of taking the essence , I just took it and carried on, its only on reflection that I can see how this supported me , which was interesting because after my doing doing doing done, I rested again and this is when I realised.
LP, Flower Essence Producer & Practitioner, UK


“Having spent eight years in London I stumbled upon the Ladbroke Rooms where I drawn to Sheila as massage therapist. My monthly visits lasted two years and I thoroughly looked forward to each session. Sheila has a unique way of developing oils to respond to my emotions and physical needs. The combination of oil and massage relaxation technique stays with you long after the session is over! Sheila kindly introduced me to different therapies and as a Reiki Master I asked her to teach me the first steps. Through her intuitiveness, encouragement and teaching technique I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Now that I am based over 500 miles away I contact Sheila in every eventuality to make flower essences to ease or enhance an emotion or ailment and I can’t recommend her enough to people as there is no end to her talents!” KP, Edinburgh


“I’m studying for exams and have been sleeping poorly, waking several times during the night. After being treated I felt relaxed and energised for studying later on.” IE, Shiatsu practitioner and Nurse

“I fell asleep during the treatment; my mind usually rabbits on.” AM, Practice Nurse