In this four-part series, I will be taking a look at how and why vibrational essences can help you get a good night’s sleep.  I will be looking at different emotional states that keep us from falling or staying asleep. I will suggest essences from my own flower essence range,  Spirit of Makasutu Essences, that can help address the troublesome emotions keeping you awake.

But before I do that, I need to explain EXACTLY what vibrational essences are – many people don’t actually understand what they are or how they work.

What exactly ARE Vibrational Essences?

Flower or more correctly, vibrational essences (as essences are made not only from flowers, but trees, certain times of the year, crystals, animals etc) take advantage of the ability of water to hold, store and transmit information.  In Dr Maseru Emoto’s seminal book, Messages from Water, he showed visibly how words and music can impact water and thus its’ effect on whatever (or whomever) receives it.

pair of tuning forksThey can also be considered “emotional tuning forks” – science has proven that everything vibrates at a particular level – from rocks to the stars and including us.  If you consider the body as a well tuned orchestra, when all the instruments play in harmony, we call that “health”; however, when one of the members begins to play off key (whether at the physical, emotional or spiritual level), the entire orchestra starts to play badly – and we call that ill health.  Vibrational essences hold a “true note” – like a tuning fork – that helps the body and mind to re-attune itself and find the proper notes again, i.e. return to balance.

What Essences are NOT

Red Shiso bushEssences are not essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy.  Essences are the energetic signatures of plants, animals, environments, crystals, etc. captured in water and preserved with alcohol, glycerin, apple cider vinegar and red shiso.  Essences do not have any scent, as opposed to aromatherapy oils, which are distilled from plant material.  You could think of aromatherapy as the BODY of the plant, while a vibrational essence is the SOUL of the plant.

Flower essences are not new; they have been a form of healing for a very long time. There is evidence that suggests the use of flower essences in ancient Egypt and Australian aborigines have long known of the benefits of sitting beside a particular flower in order to receive its healing frequency.

How do Essences Work?

Essences often work by bringing about or heightening our understanding of what might be wrong with us. You yourself, however, have to be aware, watch for small signs, and note how you feel. You often only know what you are by knowing what you are not!

Animals and young children respond best and most quickly to essences – they don’t question or analyse the essences, they simply accept the energy and respond instantly.  I have used my Orange essence with fretful babies who are teething and they literally go from screams to smiles in seconds after mum rubs some of the essence on their gums.

Adults are much more difficult – the mind gets busy with “what is it, how does it work, why does it work, how do I know it’s working”, etc. Perhaps we should take our cue from -children and animals and just accept!

How are Essences Taken?

Essence drops can be put directly on the tongue, put in a small glass of water and sipped, put in the bath or room spray, put in a burner or rubbed on pulse points.  If a baby needed the essences, if mum is breastfeeding they will get it that way, or a few drops can be placed on the hands and gently stroked through the baby’s aura.

How they are applied is immaterial – some people are so sensitive to their vibration that they only need to hold an essence bottle!

It would be good to stop here a moment and get a bit of background on the development of Essence Therapy (ET) in the modern era.

Dr Edward Bach: Modern Rediscovery of Flower Essences

The modern day expert who is acknowledged as the “father” of modern essence therapy is               Dr. Edward Bach of the renowned Bach Family Remedies (you may only have heard of Rescue Remedy – but people often are shocked to learn that there are actually 38 remedies in the range, in addition to the Rescue/Five Flower Remedy).

Dr Edward BachEdward Bach was a renowned pathologist, bacteriologist and homeopath (his Bach homeopathic remedies or nosodes are still used today) who gave up his Harley Street medical practice to discover and develop his flower essences, after being told he had cancer and only three months to live. His objective was to “treat the person, not the disease.”

Interestingly enough,  nearly 20 years after he was diagnosed cancer and told he only had three months to live, Dr. Bach completed the creation of his 38 remedies + Rescue Remedy and died peacefully in his sleep a year afterwards; an autopsy found that his body still showed traces of the cancer  diagnosed 19 years before, yet he was able to hold illness at bay until his work was done – perhaps the best testimonial of all to the power of vibrational essences!

 In part 2 of the series we’ll take a look at several stress-busting essences.